Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is the very first blog for Slam Bang Media. Sure, we've been bloging all over the place but this is the very first for the official Slam Bang Media blog!

What do we have to say? How about go to our new web site: which hopefully will be all done soon. Fingers crossed.

And go to the Slam Bang Media podcast which has been up and running for months now: with guests in the comic book and music industry! Woo.....

This will be the place to read about all of Dean LeCrone, and my (Allen Freeman) doings in and around San Diego. Yes, and with photos.

My new business card.

And here is Dean's card:

OK, now you might as well see the back of our cards:

When Dean isn't busy with cartooning, acting or just being very creative he works as a Junior Park Ranger. He takes his duties very seriously. If you laugh at his hat, he can have you banned from the park for a day